Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What an interesting night...

WOW - Texas weather. The fam and I were taking a dip in our community pool when the thunder starting rolling this evening. I figured we were okay as long as we didn't see any lightning. Well, within minutes the sky was ablaze! By the time we got home, the weatherman on the news was broadcasting about the fast moving storm in our area. Within minutes, we heard tornado sirens going off. So I did what every responsible person should do - I grabbed the video camera and headed outside!!!

A few minutes later, the winds picked up and the rain started. There's been damage reported throughout the damage area but we were spared. This was our first real tornado warning since being home and it was scary, and oddly exciting at the same time. I'm always in awe at mother nature's power!

Once things calmed down this evening, I was finally able to start packing up for my big pageant weekend - I think I'm going to need an entire suitcase just for shoes! We have to report to the hotel tomorrow evening. Friday is packed-full with rehearsals and such. I am really looking forward to this weekend. I'm sure it will be an amazing experience, and with any luck, I'll bring home that crown!!!

In the meantime, Will has officially started spring break. This week, he's attending vacation Bible school at our church - Prestonwood. Here he is all excited on the first day!

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