Friday, July 17, 2009

The week in review...

It's been such a fun yet busy week - it's been hard finding time to update the blog. So here's my exciting week in review...

Last weekend, we flew to Nashville for the annual Teammates for Kids VIP weekend. Teammates is an organization we support and belong to. It is the brainchild of country superstar Garth Brooks. We love this charity because they triple match donations made by pro-athletes and 100% of the money goes to children's charities. You can't beat that!

We had a great time catching up with friends. Our amazing host, Garth Brooks, invited us to a barbecue in his "barn" last Saturday night. We had a great convo with Garth. We were talking about Will and he said something amazing. He said, "I've never thought of autism as a handicap. I think it's a gift because those kids are brilliant." WOW! I think I almost started crying when he shared that perspective with us. It was pretty cool.

After the barn party we ventured out to a club called the Tin Roof and listened to an awesome band. Sunday night, we had a tour and dinner at the Country Music Hall of Fame. After dinner, Garth did what he does best and sang for us in a small auditorium that only seats about 200. Another remarkable and memorable experience.

Last Monday marked my 33rd birthday. Or as I like to say - I turned 29 for the fourth time. I had one of the most amazing, low-key birthdays. Once home from Nashville (with a quick stop on our way home at my agent's office for an audition), we played with the kids and then went out for a family dinner at On the Border. Will even sang me happy birthday! It was wonderful. Then I met up with some girlfriends for cocktails to cap the evening off. Family, friends and fun - I can't imagine a better way to start my 33rd year.

Tuesday, we were back at the Bite. We found out this week our contracts have been extended through the end of the year - YAY! Here's a pic of me and my smashing co-host Hilary Kennedy.

We also had a special guest named T-Bone that day on set for one of our segments. He was such a sweet doggie.

After I left the Bite, I had a photo shoot for a Japanese machine company. It was so funny because I went from smashing t.v. host to sexy machine operator in about half an hour. Hey, work is work!

On Wednesday, Ryan left for L.A. - it appears my husband may have a second calling in acting. Well, he's in L.A. to shoot a Nike commercial. He's playing football in the commercial, so it isn't a big stretch for him, but I'm loving that my husband is making money in an industry I've been involved in for decades! He may actually be able to do a little something with this. I mean, check out his headshots - NOT BAD!

I had another audition yesterday, and I also found out I booked another job I'd auditioned for. Sweet! So work is definitely picking up!

Let's see - what else. So Bryn is walking - yes, walking. She only crawls when she needs to get somewhere fast. And Will seems to be doing great. We actually are trying chelation on him. Chelation is a treatment used for people with lead poisoning. The i.v. treatment helps draw out heavy metals in the body. Will has had three treatments so far. Each one has pulled out metals like lead, mercury, aluminum and nickel. Amazingly, his language has significantly increased since starting these treatments. I was shocked one day when I went to cut his toenails. For years, his toenails have been yellow and fungus-y (is that a word?). Well, I went to cut them nasty toenails and they were pink! I couldn't believe it.

And finally before I turn in for the night, I received the CD with the official Mrs. Texas America pictures on it. Here are some more shots from my first pageant. I have to admit, I rocked that night! Here's looking to competing again next year!

Phew, that was a lot - going to bed now but will try to keep up next week! Fitting it all into one blog post is exhausting!

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Suzy said...

Looks like an amazing and busy week you had! As always, you look amazing. May your fourth 29th year be great!