Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who's your daddy? Or mommy for that matter???

One thing I remember about growing up is how often my dad came home with a new dog he'd rescued from the pound. We always had at least two or three pets - most of them rescued. My dad had such a love for animals, and he instilled that love in us.

Rewind to last night - Ryan found this little guy wandering around our house. We're trying to find the owner by posting notices online and signs around the neighborhood, but I'm afraid this poor guy has been abandoned. So as of right now, "Duke" as we are calling him, is hanging out with the Neufelds and will do so until he is claimed or we eventually find him a home. Ryan is already pretty attached though - there's a chance he might just stick around.

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Kembree said...

He is a cutie! I hope you guys keep him:) Dog are great for kids!!