Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It's for charity!!!

Last night, I participated in a fashion show presented by a wonderfully talented designer - Nicolas Villalba. The fashions were amazing - the hair and makeup were so kick butt! We had a fun time at the Tower Club in downtown Dallas at the event benefitting several local charities.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy birthday Will!!!!

It's hard to believe my "baby" boy is five! He had an awesome birthday on Wednesday. I woke him up that morning and asked him how old he was. He told me "four." That, in and of itself, was a shock because I didn't know he knew that. I corrected him and told him he was five. Well, he learned quickly - if you ask him how old he is, he'll hold up his hand with the digits spread apart and he'll proclaim, "FIVE." So proud of my big boy.

My friend Amy and I took the kiddos to a nearby playcenter, then we came home to presents and cake. This wasn't just any cake. It was a gigantic cupcake cake. You see, Will is OBSESSED with cupcakes right now, so what better treat than a big ol' cake in the shape of a cupcake (that I made, by the way - a major feat)...

A football update - Ryan had his first scrimmage last night and all went well. He said he nailed his blocks and even caught a pass. He's off today and they break camp next week. Keep those prayers coming!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Circus!!!

Some good friends and I got together for dinner and a concert last night in downtown Dallas. We met up at the new Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed some good food and a couple of cocktails. Then it was on to the American Airlines Center to check out Britney Spears! That's right - you heard me correctly. Blake, Amanda, Holly and I sat in the venue with an intriguing mix of folks enjoying the concert - gays, moms with their daughters, people in Britney costumes, girls who looked like they were dressed for the club (or maybe a little street walking), etc. Very interestingly - Britney's two sons were sitting in the front row with Britney's dad watching the performance. It was very sweet. They seemed to really enjoy the "circus"-nature of the performance. All in all, good times. And I'd TOTALLY see her again!

Now, a football update. Ryan is doing well in camp and actually said he hasn't enjoyed playing football this much since his season in NFL Europe back in 2000. He said all the guys are great and there is a tremendous sense of camraderie. This same team spirit wasn't always present on many of the NFL teams Ryan has been on.

He cramped up pretty bad the other day in practice - 3.5 hours of constant running will do that to you. But he's hanging in there and looking forward to a planned scrimmage next week.

I've actually been a little surprised at the lack of UFL info being circulated. Most NFL teams have someone blogging daily from camp - they talk about who looks good, who is standing out, etc. Training camp updates always seem to build buzz around a team. With this being the inaugural UFL season, certainly the amount of buzz in the air is crucial to the league's success. It's what will get fans in the stands on gameday. Hopefully they'll step it up soon. In the meantime, I'll keep you posted as best as I can!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One week down... many more to go?!?

Ryan left for Florida a week ago today and boy, I'm already whipped! But it's not been all bad. Yesterday was a good day. After a long day of shooting at the Bite, I came home preparing for the worst (a tired, cranky Will and a teething, rashy Bryn). Instead, we had a blast. Will emptied out the instruments on the floor and the kids and I had a jam session. Later, we cranked up the old-school Michael Jackson and danced around the island. Bryn seems to have some rhythm - she was tapping her right foot to the beat. It was cracking me up! Of course, when I tried to get it on video, she stopped. And the highlight of the night - Will pulled his scooter out of the closet and after a quick tutorial, he scooted himself along! Normally he just stands on it and expects to be pushed - this time, he was self-propelled!

We all miss Ryan terribly though. Will's been acting out a bit - it could totally be because Ryan isn't here. And it's hard going from spending all day with my husband to talking to him for maybe 20 minutes a day.

Ryan is doing well in camp - that 33-year-old body of his is having to get used to hardcore football in pads again. And he's tired - training camp involves long days full of practice and meetings.

I do have to be careful what I write here though since a dedicated UFL/Florida Tuskers fan has discovered my blog and doesn't have a problem sharing what I write with the rest of the UFL fan base! I will share that Ryan is wearing number 89! This is a new one for us - he's been in the 40s, 83, and most recently 88 (which is what I was hoping for). But 89 works! Go Tuskers!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates, and hopefully some video of the kiddos!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who knew this day would come...

Several years ago when we would travel back and forth between Buffalo and Dallas during the football season and offseason, people would often ask what I would do once the kids were in school. My response was always the same - we'll deal with that when and if Ryan is blessed to play that long. I sit here now and find myself in that very situation I said I'd deal with later. For us, the decision was simple - the kids and I will stay home since Will is in school. We'll visit when we can. Hopefully Ryan can come home during his bye week. We'll make it work.

One thing is clear though - Ryan will miss some fun milestones with the kids while he's gone - and that's hard. Today, I was in Best Buy with the kids and I told Will to hold Brynie's hand. He obliged, and I almost lost it watching my kiddos holding hands for the first time. Ryan missed that. I watched this morning as Bryn played with a toy that took a little skill, and it hit me just how bright she is. Ryan wasn't here to share that moment. And imagine my surprise when I heard Bryn counting today - yep, that little brainiac is already counting. Clear as day, I heard her say, "Five, six, seven." Ryan missed that too. Of course, Ryan was also fortunate enough to miss the five diaper changes I had to deal with this evening. I'm sure he's not missing those moments.

We're going to give Skype a try - it'll be great for the kids and Ryan to see each other in real time everyday. But no doubt that over these next couple of months, Ryan will definitely be missed!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Now that it's been officially announced...

Ryan is a Florida Tusker! WOO! He left today to attend training camp in Orlando for the premiere season of the UFL ( We're extremely excited about this opportunity and is looking forward to Ryan doing big things!

Of course, today starts several months worth of single parenthood which is sure to be interesting... and exhausting. But we'll make it through!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

You know you're tired when...

We had to snap this picture of Will sleeping a couple months ago - apparently, he was just completely worn out!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Haute mama!!!

A couple of months ago, I had my first photo shoot for Hotslings. Well, I just got the pics from the second shoot and they are smokin' hot! These pics were taken by Chris Whalen and are featured in the new Hotslings catalog. Make sure you check out the hotslings site - the products are awesome!

And in case you didn't notice - that incredibly adorable baby isn't Brynie Pie...

Don't forget to vote!!!

Just a few more days left to vote for D Magazine's 10 Most Beautiful list!!!! I've made it this far - it would be such a bummer (understatement alert***) if I don't make it into the top 10. Make sure you vote every day. Voting ends this Sunday at 11:59 p.m.!