Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Circus!!!

Some good friends and I got together for dinner and a concert last night in downtown Dallas. We met up at the new Hard Rock Cafe and enjoyed some good food and a couple of cocktails. Then it was on to the American Airlines Center to check out Britney Spears! That's right - you heard me correctly. Blake, Amanda, Holly and I sat in the venue with an intriguing mix of folks enjoying the concert - gays, moms with their daughters, people in Britney costumes, girls who looked like they were dressed for the club (or maybe a little street walking), etc. Very interestingly - Britney's two sons were sitting in the front row with Britney's dad watching the performance. It was very sweet. They seemed to really enjoy the "circus"-nature of the performance. All in all, good times. And I'd TOTALLY see her again!

Now, a football update. Ryan is doing well in camp and actually said he hasn't enjoyed playing football this much since his season in NFL Europe back in 2000. He said all the guys are great and there is a tremendous sense of camraderie. This same team spirit wasn't always present on many of the NFL teams Ryan has been on.

He cramped up pretty bad the other day in practice - 3.5 hours of constant running will do that to you. But he's hanging in there and looking forward to a planned scrimmage next week.

I've actually been a little surprised at the lack of UFL info being circulated. Most NFL teams have someone blogging daily from camp - they talk about who looks good, who is standing out, etc. Training camp updates always seem to build buzz around a team. With this being the inaugural UFL season, certainly the amount of buzz in the air is crucial to the league's success. It's what will get fans in the stands on gameday. Hopefully they'll step it up soon. In the meantime, I'll keep you posted as best as I can!

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