Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy birthday Will!!!!

It's hard to believe my "baby" boy is five! He had an awesome birthday on Wednesday. I woke him up that morning and asked him how old he was. He told me "four." That, in and of itself, was a shock because I didn't know he knew that. I corrected him and told him he was five. Well, he learned quickly - if you ask him how old he is, he'll hold up his hand with the digits spread apart and he'll proclaim, "FIVE." So proud of my big boy.

My friend Amy and I took the kiddos to a nearby playcenter, then we came home to presents and cake. This wasn't just any cake. It was a gigantic cupcake cake. You see, Will is OBSESSED with cupcakes right now, so what better treat than a big ol' cake in the shape of a cupcake (that I made, by the way - a major feat)...

A football update - Ryan had his first scrimmage last night and all went well. He said he nailed his blocks and even caught a pass. He's off today and they break camp next week. Keep those prayers coming!

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Meschel said...

Happy birthday, Will!! BTW, that pic of Bryn is friggin' heeeelarious!!!