Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One week down... many more to go?!?

Ryan left for Florida a week ago today and boy, I'm already whipped! But it's not been all bad. Yesterday was a good day. After a long day of shooting at the Bite, I came home preparing for the worst (a tired, cranky Will and a teething, rashy Bryn). Instead, we had a blast. Will emptied out the instruments on the floor and the kids and I had a jam session. Later, we cranked up the old-school Michael Jackson and danced around the island. Bryn seems to have some rhythm - she was tapping her right foot to the beat. It was cracking me up! Of course, when I tried to get it on video, she stopped. And the highlight of the night - Will pulled his scooter out of the closet and after a quick tutorial, he scooted himself along! Normally he just stands on it and expects to be pushed - this time, he was self-propelled!

We all miss Ryan terribly though. Will's been acting out a bit - it could totally be because Ryan isn't here. And it's hard going from spending all day with my husband to talking to him for maybe 20 minutes a day.

Ryan is doing well in camp - that 33-year-old body of his is having to get used to hardcore football in pads again. And he's tired - training camp involves long days full of practice and meetings.

I do have to be careful what I write here though since a dedicated UFL/Florida Tuskers fan has discovered my blog and doesn't have a problem sharing what I write with the rest of the UFL fan base! I will share that Ryan is wearing number 89! This is a new one for us - he's been in the 40s, 83, and most recently 88 (which is what I was hoping for). But 89 works! Go Tuskers!!!!

Stay tuned for more updates, and hopefully some video of the kiddos!

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