Thursday, September 10, 2009

Who knew this day would come...

Several years ago when we would travel back and forth between Buffalo and Dallas during the football season and offseason, people would often ask what I would do once the kids were in school. My response was always the same - we'll deal with that when and if Ryan is blessed to play that long. I sit here now and find myself in that very situation I said I'd deal with later. For us, the decision was simple - the kids and I will stay home since Will is in school. We'll visit when we can. Hopefully Ryan can come home during his bye week. We'll make it work.

One thing is clear though - Ryan will miss some fun milestones with the kids while he's gone - and that's hard. Today, I was in Best Buy with the kids and I told Will to hold Brynie's hand. He obliged, and I almost lost it watching my kiddos holding hands for the first time. Ryan missed that. I watched this morning as Bryn played with a toy that took a little skill, and it hit me just how bright she is. Ryan wasn't here to share that moment. And imagine my surprise when I heard Bryn counting today - yep, that little brainiac is already counting. Clear as day, I heard her say, "Five, six, seven." Ryan missed that too. Of course, Ryan was also fortunate enough to miss the five diaper changes I had to deal with this evening. I'm sure he's not missing those moments.

We're going to give Skype a try - it'll be great for the kids and Ryan to see each other in real time everyday. But no doubt that over these next couple of months, Ryan will definitely be missed!


Amanda said...

We set up a Skype account too. Should be interesting! :)

Francis said...

Hi Dawn. It was nice meeting you today; thanks for sending the email with your blog address. I wish you and your family the best during this time that Ryan is away. I found this particular post interesting and wanted to share that Skype was a wonderful blessing to our family during my husband's job transition from Georgia to Texas. Our children really enjoyed seeing Dad on the computer and talking to him face to face. It's so much better than plain ol phone calls.

Look forward to seeing those pics when you get your computer up and running again.