Thursday, October 29, 2009

Orlando 2009

Will and I had a wonderful trip to Orlando. The weather was perfect - warm and in the upper-80s! We spent a couple hours in the amazing pool at the resort Ryan's team is staying. Ryan's game was a blast - although he tweaked his foot. Thankfully, x-rays and an MRI came back negative. Will enjoyed running around the stadium and he loves his new Tuskers jersey - he even asked to wear it again the next day!

Friday, we planned on taking Will to Disneyworld, but with Ryan's injury, our plans were doubtful - Ryan could hardly walk and he spent most of the day getting treatment and talking to doctors. We decided to go ahead and take Will to the Magic Kingdom for an un-spooky Halloween night. He loved it! His favorite ride was Thunder Mountain - we went on it twice. And he absolutely loved the fireworks! As for Ryan, we got him an electric scooter - now that was a funny sight! We didn't get in the car until after midnight, but no doubt we created some fun memories.

The next morning Will woke up with a high fever. We called a doctor who came to see us at the hotel. The pediatrician swabbed Will and sure enough, he had the flu. The doctor said it was probably swine flu - what a souvenir to bring back from Orlando! But I'm happy to report that Will's just fine and has been back at school for the past couple of days.

Ryan's injury may keep him out of the game this week and he's pretty bummed about that, but we're pulling for another Tuskers win - if his team wins one more game, they are guaranteed a spot in the championship game being held in Vegas next month. Ryan's bye week is next week so he's coming home Saturday for five days! It'll be great to have him here.

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Kembree said...

That picture of the two of them def needs to be framed! Love it..very sweet :)