Saturday, January 16, 2010

New year, new beginnings...

I've had a couple of people ask recently - "Hey, why haven't you been updating your blog?" The short answer is that I've been busy. I was fortunate enough to be assigned to a short-term legal temp job (that I think will actually be done sometime this upcoming week). It's been so nice working again - adult conversation, using my brain and happy hour sure have provided a wonderful change of scene for me. But my mornings have been early and the days have been long. This past week, I saw Will for maybe 30 minutes - Bryn, not at all until I came home early yesterday afternoon. And by the time 9 o'clock p.m. hits, all I can think about is sleep. My legal assignment has been great - it's allowed me some flexibility to continue to work on the Bite. And my D210 commitments are keeping me busy as well - we covered the Lakers/Mavs game this week - we conducted lockerroom interviews with folks like Ron Artest, Dirk Nowitzki (after he scored his 20,000th NBA point) and Jordan Farmar (he gave me some UCLA props). Kobe was MIA - he was probably sitting in an ice tub somewhere after suffering from back spasms. As you can see, things continue to be fun and exciting, yet busy! No new pictures of the kiddos to update, but here's a fun video of Bryn. I'd taken the cushions off of the couch because Bryn has decided to hang off the back while saying "fall." But I figured it was time to show you Bryn's moves!

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Amanda said...

hahahaha love it! You are turning that girl into a video rat already! lol