Monday, January 18, 2010

Weight a minute...

So this was me in June of 2009 competing at the Mrs. Texas pageant. You have to admit - those abs (after two babies) are pretty impressive. I felt great. I felt good in shorts for the first time in years! I was at a "happy weight." Unfortunately, that happy weight was ridiculous to (a) achieve and (b) maintain. For four weeks before the pageant, I was in the gym with my trainer or sweating it out at boot camp at all hours of the day. I thought about my weight every single time I put food in my mouth. That part of the process wasn't much fun.

Fast forward to January 2010, and I don't need anyone to tell me I've put on a few pounds since then. I don't like stepping on a scale - as women, our weight can fluctuate for all sorts of reasons - water retention, the clothes we have on, etc. I can usually tell if I'm in my happy weight range based on how my clothes are fitting. After the holidays, I noticed some of my clothes were a little snug. So I did step on the scale today - and found that I was WAY above my happy weight range. There's nothing like a shocking number on the scale to get you back in the workout groove. And since I'm in an industry where weight matters, a couple of pounds can mean losing money!

So why am I sharing this? Well, I figured I could use it to segway into a rant about 24 Hour Fitness - the gym I've been a member of for YEARS!

Y'all know how hard it is to get motivated to go to the gym. There have been a couple of occasions where I've literally been in my car headed to the gym and I have talked myself out of going. I know, that's bad. But today, I scheduled all of my errands around a trip to the gym. 24 Hour recently opened a new gym about 20 minutes away in Lewisville (my current 24 Hour is literally two minutes from the house - it's harder to talk yourself out of going when the commute is a short one). The new gym is nice - a Super Sport is what the call it. It has a swimming pool, raquetball courts (that I'll never use), a basketball court - even towel service. Both Ryan and I have used the gym several times over the past month with no problem.

Until today. I walk in on a mission in full workout focus mode. I punch my telephone number in and place my index finger on the scanner to check in - one of the high-tech gizmos at this club. The guy immediately said - "Sorry, I'm not allowed to let you in. You only have an All Sport Club membership. Not a Super Sport membership. If you want to come in today, you'll have to speak with a manager and upgrade your membership. Otherwise, I can't let you in." I sat there a little stunned since no one has mentioned this before. And I almost felt like someone had told me my credit card had been denied. But I wasn't the only one - there were several other people waiting to see managers who had been told the same thing. I did not have time to wait and see a manager. And I certainly wasn't interested in spending money to upgrade to attend this "Super Sport" club I might get two a couple times a month when I have the time.

As I made my way to the lowly All Sport club, I decided to call 24 Hour Fitness to tell them I got their game. Here's my theory. I think 24 Hour made a corporate decision to let all members into the Super Sport Club the first month, regardless of their membership level without letting them know that technically they don't have access to the club. Then they would deny all these non-Super Sport Club members access on a certain date only after these members had gotten used to the services of the new club. Think about it - it's marketing genius really. You've got members there in person being told they can't gain access without upgrading. The embarassment alone of being denied might be enough to get people to upgrade. I wasn't playing that game though.

I was told it would cost me almost $40/month to be able to use the new club. Ryan and I recently received an email from LA Fitness offering us membership for that amount (for both of us). LA Fitness is closer and has most of the amenities of the new Super Sport 24 Hour Fitness. I told the 24 Hour representative this fact on the phone today and was offered a satisfactory compromise. I'm happy that I won't have to find a new personal trainer - Dennis, who I like to refer to as tiara trainer, is the best!!!! But I can't help it but to have a bad taste in my mouth about 24 Hour right about now - not good considering the numerous options we have in our area.

Phew - I feel better now. Just had to get that little rant out.

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