Sunday, January 31, 2010

What did he just say????

Will never ceases to amaze me - I swear I don't know why I sometimes doubt this kid. Long story short, I started spelling words out for Will this evening with letter cards. I started small - DOG, CAT, etc. and I asked Will to tell me what the letters spelled. To my surprise, he actually told me what some of the words were.

I started getting ambitious - I spelled bigger words like MOUTH and PIANO. He told me what both of them were. Ryan and I were so excited - our excitement fueled Will's excitement. We were one big happy, clapping family.

I then moved on to the Magna-doodle and spelled more words. Will promptly read words like mom, dad, Bryn, elephant and even Yoda (our cat's name). Even more remarkable was how patient Will was. When he gets frustrated, he has a tendency to lash out and get upset. Nope! Not this time. If I spelled a word he didn't know, he waited until I sounded it out for him and quickly repeated the word. It was a really neat experience and I am just in awe of what this kid can do!

On a fun note, Will had his first day of Miracle League bowling on Saturday and he absolutely loved it!

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