Friday, February 12, 2010

Where am I???

Unless you've been hiding in an igloo somewhere, you know that over the past week of so, folks across the country have been dealing with what's being called a Snowpocalypse. Record-breaking snow shut down a good part of the Northeast. I remember snow - there was lots of it in Buffalo (although I hear they are having a pretty mild winter this year). While they are enjoying an easier winter, the weather in Texas has been abnormally brutal so far this year. It's been cold and rainy when we usually enjoy pretty moderate temperatures. I can complain a bit - you see, we put up with three months of 100-degree heat because of the awesome fall, winter and spring. We're being robbed this year!

Yesterday Dallas fell victim to the Snowpocalypse as record snow fell in the area. I'm actually enjoying it a bit - reminds me of all of the good times in Buffalo. And the kids are having a blast - school was cancelled today (yay for snow days) and there are snowmen up all over the neighborhood. A lot of the snow has melted already, and with temps expected to be in the 50s this upcoming week, it won't last long at all. I'm glad I was able to take the kids out for a bit to enjoy all the white fluffy stuff!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl!!!!

Congrats to the Saints on an awesome win!!! It was well deserved. Anyone else wish they were out on Bourbon Street right about now???

There are some more changes coming - will update soon...