Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter!

We ventured to the mall for our annual picture with the Easter bunny. Always expecting the worst but praying for the best, the kids did awesome! Bryn went up to the Easter bunny and immediately started waving "hi." She climbed right on to the bench and sat next to him (although she kept looking up at him like she wasn't sure what was going on). Will wasn't so happy at first, but then he walked right up to the Easter bunny and wanted to sit on it's lap! We were a one-shot wonder last night!

Easter for us though is more than cute bunnies and chocolate eggs - as Christians, we understand and know the reason for the season (as they say). I thought I'd share a little tidbit from Eli's funeral that really hit home. Our friend Scott Turner delivered the message at the service, and he said this - Is what you're living for worth what HE died for? Deep, right? It was a great message and fitting tribute at Eli's homegoing service. That one line sure did put a lot in perspective for many of us there.


Kembree said...

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