Sunday, May 30, 2010

Less than two weeks to go!

Mrs. Texas is less than two weeks away and I'm in full preparation mode. There are 29 contestants this year vying for the title and I found out today that I'm contestant #16! This is pretty significant - last year I was #29. During the first round of swimsuit and evening gown, my group went last - that's a lot of time standing offstage with stress and anticipation building. When I made it to the top 15, I was one of the last people on stage during the second round of competition. So imagine standing there posing and smiling while your competition is sashaying their way off the stage. So lucky #16 - that'll put me in the second group and hopefully will alleviate the onstage posing and smiling stress.

Training for this year's pageant was definitely different. Last year, I wasn't working. I was able to workout early in the morning, rest while Bryn napped and Will was at school, then get on with my day. This year since I'm working, I've had less time to workout and I'm eating food on the go (trying to find healthy fast food is quite the chore). I'm at a happy weight thanks to Sheila's boot camp, but I don't feel I'm as toned as I was last year (I'm missing my tiara trainer Dennis' workouts!). But I'll be ready. I have to be careful though - lose anymore weight and my gown won't fit!

I'll spend the next week and a half practicing my pageant walk and my poses. I'll be ready - we'll see how far we can make it this year!

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