Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mexican? Italian? American?

This is my dilemma - what post-pageant meal will I indulge in after the Mrs. Texas America competition this weekend? Mexican food is a favorite - something oozing with cheese like an enchilada. On the Border is a good call. But what about a big juicy burger with bacon and cheese? Yum, that sounds good too. These are foods I've been depriving myself of in anticipation of this pageant - and I'm dying to eat like normal again. See folks - this is why diets don't work. When you deprive yourself of the foods you love, it's all you think about and you end up over-indulging later. Moderation is key!

I am looking forward to this weekend - it'll be nice to get away for a couple of days and have some fun girl time, although tension will be high and things a little stressed. I pick up my gown tomorrow. I dropped of my interview suit for pressing this morning. I've got a bathing suit that looks awesome! I'm ready to go! I could not have done it without my sponsors, and I want to give them the shout outs they deserve!

Thanks a bunch to Sheila Stoutmire for getting me bikini ready. Sheila is a fellow NFL wife who ran track in college. She's also an Advocare consultant and runs a local track club called the Jackrabbits. Her bootcamps are amazing! She's been an incredible sponsor, and I look forward to our next three week session that starts Monday!


And my dear friend Bonnie Benavidez of Avasiare. She is amazing! Bonnie came over and gave me a makeup application last week. One of the judges told me last year that I really needed to step up my makeup for the interview portion of the pageant - thanks to Bonnie, I'll be ready! Bonnie has an amazing line of skincare and cosmetics - all of which I'll be using for the pageant. Make sure you check her out!


Thanks to everyone for your support!

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AVA said...

Keep it up Dawn! Looking forward to your pageant again next year!