Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I love horoscopes...

I recently downloaded a daily horoscope app on my phone and I try to remind myself to check it everyday, because usually it says something fabulous like this:

You can really gain momentum with a special goal today and for the rest of the week. Even if your schedule is tight, you can at the very least start fantasizing and strategizing about how you want to proceed with an important plan. Get your mind ready - begin wisualizing what you want to happen and seeing your dream come to fruition. This is just as important as the physical work you will be required to do. Create a plan of action now, and then leap on it the very moment you begin your quest for something you want very much.

Love, love, love. I recently embarked on a big, top-secret project that is incredibly relevant to today's horoscope - so, fantasizing and strategizing I will be!!!! And after the day I've had today (and it's only early-afternoon), I need to think positively!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm a bit surprised. I thought you were a Christian, but maybe I've jumped to a conclusion that isn't accurate. If you are, wouldn't you turn to scripture, then, for guidance?

Dawn said...

So, let me understand - "Christians" aren't allowed to read their horoscopes? And who said I turned to the stars for guidance? You're jumping to way too many conclusions "anonymous."