Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school!!!

It was a big day in the Neufeld house - Will started "kindergarten" and Bryn had her first day of school EVER! Will was excited about getting on the school bus and Bryn... well... she started crying when she saw her uniform dress. Then as she was crying, she asked for "daddy." It just about broke my heart that Ryan wasn't here today. I can tell the kiddos are missing him. I am too!

And a football update - I think if Ryan was even considering the possibility of playing another year after this one, all that has been tossed to hell! LOL! The Nighthawks are having 8 or 9 two-a-day practices during camp and Ryan is getting a lot of reps! He's tired! I know things are rough for me doing the single-mom-during-football-season thing, but I realized how much Ryan is sacrificing to play this season. I think we're both going to be in desperate need of a vay-cay when he gets back in November.

Here's an image snapped from training camp...

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Suzy said...

I can't believe you are starting school already! The kids look so grown up.