Monday, October 18, 2010

Nothing sadder than losing a friend

In April, I received a call from Karen Della Penta. Karen was the kids babysitter in Buffalo. She was Will's surrogate grandmother for two years along with her best friend Janice. They tag-teamed. Karen and Janice have always been considered a part of our family. We hated leaving Buffalo because we knew we were leaving them behind.

We've talked over the years - they've kept up with pictures of the kids on this blog. Then Karen called with the news - it was pancreatic cancer. I think she said stage 3. Stage 3 I thought - we can beat that. I know we can. We shared tears during that call, and it took all my common sense not to rush to the airport and take the next flight out.

Fast forward to last week when the family's journal seemed to becoming more dire. Today's post confirms that the end of Karen's brief battle with cancer is almost over. I pray God takes her soon so she is no longer in pain. My dear Karen will be missed.

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