Thursday, December 23, 2010

Finally made it to visit Santa!

We're usually really good about getting to the mall early during the holiday season to get the kids' picture with Santa. With work, Football Wives, etc., time slipped away from me. I looked up last week and realized I really didn't have time to do Christmas cards this year - it's been about a decade since we haven't sent out a card! So bummed!

We managed to get to Willow Bend today and stood in line for about two hours before we finally got to see the big guy. The kids did surprisingly well all things considered. A treat for the kids at Willow Bend - right before you get to see Santa, you have to wait in a big igloo-looking room with "snow" falling from the ceiling. Will and Bryn absolutely loved it, but I'll be vacuuming up snow for weeks!

Anyway, this pic makes my aching feet totally worth the wait!

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