Friday, December 31, 2010

Looking back...

This has been an interesting year for the Neufelds. There were a lot of amazing things we experienced this year - some notables being Football Wives and everything it brought with it, Kristi's wedding, Andrea's pregnancy. There were some difficulties as well though - Ryan's injury and the official end of his professional football career, financial uncertainty, lay-offs and job searches. What I can say definitively is this - I believe that everything we experience in life has a purpose, and how we respond will determine the outcome of the upcoming chapters in our lives. So, with that, I close the chapter on 2010 and look forward to the challenges and triumphs coming in the new year.

Thanks to everyone for your continuing encouragement and support!

As for how the Neufelds spent this new year's eve - well, Bryn had a party at her crib and her buddies wore her out!

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