Saturday, March 5, 2011

3rd Runner Up - Mrs. Texas

I cracked the top 5 again this year!!!! The competition was intense, so it was a thrill and honor to place third runner up! Ryan even came up to me and said I have to keep doing the pageant because he thinks I can win! Thanks to my friend Miesha who made the trek from Frisco for the pageant - she took this pic. Our friend David Podwika came to support as well - he's got some pics for me I'll post tomorrow.

Special thanks to Bonnie Benavidez of Avasiare for hooking up my makeup tonight - it looked AMAZING!

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Pamela said...

CONGRATS lady!! You look lovely and I agree with Ryan. Keep long as you have the passion for it, keep on going for it. I'll be cheering!!

P.S. I'm sharing this win & picwith my FB page, with photo credit!!