Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Eve of Mrs. Texas...

Tonight, I did what any good pageant girl SHOULDN'T do with competition just hours away. First, at dinner, I ate a roll. Carbs are pretty much a no-no right before bikini time, but I was hungry, so I ate one. And had a brownie shortly thereafter. I should've felt some tinge of concern when another contestant said she didn't want to blow her diet by eating the salad. Nah - I'm sticking to TEAM CARBS.

Completely content with my belly full of bread and chocolate, another contestant and I decided to head over to Two Doors Down in downtown Corsicana for karaoke night. I gathered that DaLana could actually sing by her enthusiastic renditions of our pageant songs while we were practicing. I, on the other hand, can't carry a tune in a bucket, but I figured if I'm going to be sashaying practically naked in front of hundreds of folks tomorrow during the pageant, what's the big deal? I belted out a very, very bad rendition of Faith Hill's 'This Kiss." Sorry Faith - it was awful. But we wrapped up our night on the town in Corsicana by doing the karaoke cha cha slide. My thighs are sore from going way too low, but DaLana and I had fun! Definitely a memorable moment from the weekend.

I'm getting in bed but wanted to write a few quick thoughts about the pageant. It's a small field this year - 19 women if I'm correct. In my first two pageants, there were around 30 contestants. There is a wonderful mix this year of younger newlyweds with no kids to seasoned vets with teenagers - lots of truly amazing women. I've got my competition cut out for me.

I wish I would've been well to work out more - having to take the last month off from exercise may hinder me this year. But oh well - it is what it is. I'm a 34-year-old mom with two kids who works and can't afford to spend hours in the gym everyday. Reality check. So I've got to get on that stage tomorrow and work it like I'm rockin' some Giselle Bundchen gams.

Will post some pics by the end of the week. There are bikini and opening number pics (neither that I love) on the Mrs. Texas site - - Galleries - swimsuit.

Enjoy, and wish me like. Everybody clap your hands - clap, clap, clap, clap, clap...

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Lizzy said...

Good luck, Dawn!