Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy weekend!

And now I'm playing catch up - where to begin?!?!?

Let's start with last week's royal wedding. I'm one of those chicks who still believes in fairytales. I love that a young model strutting her stuff down the catwalk can catch the eye of a prince, and ten years later, she becomes the belle of the ball decked out in couture and sashaying down the ultimate runway - the wedding aisle.

I decided not to wake up at the butt crack of dawn to catch the royal nuptials as they happened. I need my sleep, and I figured with the constant media coverage and DVR, I wouldn't miss a thing, especially the one thing I was really waiting to see - the wedding dress. When I first saw Kate's gown, I thought it was pretty but unremarkable. I was hoping to be "wowed" and that certainly wasn't my first reaction. But, the dress has grown on me and I love it - classic "Grace Kelly" inspired fashion that will certainly stand the test of time, unlike Lady Di's dress which screams "80s ballgown."

Kate changed into another gown later in the evening, and I think I loved it even more! I love the look of the sweater over the dress with the casual hair. Perfection!

The event seemed to captivate the world. It was neat watching the millions of people descend on Buckingham Palace to catch the couples' first kiss. It was definitely memorable.

All daydreaming aside, this weekend was a busy and memorable one for personal reasons. After months of planning, the 4th annual Silver Dollar Ball took place Saturday night under a tent in the pasture at XO Ranch in Aubrey. The weather was perfect after having rain scares throughout the week. As the publicity chair for the event, it is always wonderful to see everything come together.

We raised a ton of money for the American Cancer Society and I even got to hang out with Football Wives castmate Amanda Davis who came to the event with hubby Leonard.

One of the highlights of the evening was when the band Free Reign took the stage. Leonard, our honorary chair Marc Colombo and teammate Cory Proctor have their own metal band. Headline entertainer Neal McCoy invited the guys to come on stage and do their thing. It was awesome!

Other Cowboy notables like Jason Witten were in the house to help celebrate the event. A fantastic time was had by all! Live auction chair Ashleigh and I even hammed it up a bit and played off of our Mission Possible: Find the Cure-theme.

Ryan was gone most of last week, so I was truly doing the super-mom thing last week - working, watching the kids, organizing and setting up for the event. By Sunday night, I was dead tired. I popped an Ambien and was out like a light around 9:30.

Around 10 o'clock, I woke up to a popping sound. I quickly realized it was hailing outside. I was a little concerned because of the record-breaking tornado outbreak that hit the south last week - hail usually indicates bad weather. I hopped on Twitter and tweeted about the hail, then quickly realized something was up - lots of people were tweeting that President Obama was going to make an announcement that evening. I quickly turned on CNN where it was being reported that the President was set to announce that we'd found and killed Osama Bin Laden. Sure enough, President Obama informed the nation that a team of Navy Seals infiltrated Bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan and killed him. I sat it stunned silence as I watched, and realized an incredible sense of relief had taken over. I remember where I was on 9.11.01 - I remember watching the Twin Towers fall. I remember crying and being scared to death of what the terrorists had done to our country. And finally, we'd caught and killed the mastermind behind it all. Justice.

I'm exhausted revisiting the weekend. And you know me - a busy weekend is usually my break from a hectic and chaotic week. I'm looking forward to an event coming up this weekend - the Collections Fashion Show benefiting Children's Medical Center here in Dallas. I'm a co-host of this event, and I was thrilled when I learned that one of the designers featured in the show - Varela & Brooks - were going to design a dress for me to wear! SCORE! We've done a couple of fittings and I'm looking forward to strutting my stuff in the gown this weekend. I bet I'll feel a little like a princess...

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