Thursday, May 26, 2011

End of spring activities

Bryn had her first dance recital this week. It was pretty informal which is just fine by me - I don't think I'm ready to spend exorbitant amounts on tutu outfits to see her do one dance. But I think this is just the beginning of many recitals to come. We've already got her signed up for the "Tangled" dance program being offered by her school this summer.

Will also had his last baseball game of the season with the Miracle League of Frisco. I was unable to attend the game because I was a guest on a t.v. show discussing autism awareness (fitting), but Ryan reports that Will hit the ball without having to use the tee! I hate I missed that.

There is a way for you to help the Miracle League of Frisco - Liberty Mutual is running a contest on Facebook. The group with the most votes will win $30,000! Please take the time to log on to Facebook and vote. You can vote every day now through sometime in August. Please cut and paste this link and help these amazing kiddos out!

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