Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Go shawty, it's ya birthday!

Bryn celebrated her third birthday this weekend! She was so excited because she got the Dora birthday cake she'd been asking for. The things we do as parents for our kids - I had to go to four places to find a Dora cake (I won't EVER order a cake from Kroger again - this one came from Target). But Bryn loved it and was so happy she finally got her Dora birthday cake.

On Sunday, Bryn was in for a special birthday treat, but we had to take some time for a quick birthday photo shoot! Little mama loves getting dressed up - put her in a tutu dress and she's ready to go.

I decided instead of a big party this year, we'd do something smaller to celebrate Bryn's birthday. So we picked up her BFF Ava and went to the American Girl store in Dallas.

The girls had a blast browsing through the store and picking out their new dolls. Bryn wasn't too interested in playing with her doll, but she thought it was a hoot that the doll's eyes closed when she "went to sleep."

We wrapped up our adventure with lunch in the cafe complete with cake and ice cream! It truly was a special birthday!

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Chef Diva said...

Hi Dawn, I know it’s been a long time. But I remember making her cake last year. Every time I make RED VELVET cake I always think of you since that was the cake you ordered last year for your daughter’s birthday and mentioned that everyone loved the cake. I was wondering if I make another batch of my famous cupcakes would you like some. Is red velvet still your favorite? I will give you a few for free heck I will even deliver them to you.