Sunday, June 26, 2011

Night of Superstars 2011

I've been on my share of red carpets - sometimes walking them as a "celebrity," sometimes conducting celebrity interviews. Last night's red carpet at the Night of Superstars has to be the most memorable yet! The event honorees are children - these superstars were given the all-star treatment - everything from makeovers to tuxedos and evening gowns. They even showed up in stretch SUV limos!

I was fortunate enough to escort a wonderful young man named Zach down the red carpet. Zach is the sweetest little guy - so handsome! He's 8 and told me he was going to be 9 soon - in December! I noticed Zach's walking stick right away so I knew he had sight issues. He couldn't really see the red carpet ahead of us - at one point he asked how many people were there because it looked like there were about 20 people waiting to greet our celebrities. I had to inform him that there were probably 200-300 people waiting for him on the red carpet! He was so excited and handled the red carpet like a pro! He posed for pictures and signed autographs - he rocked it like the superstar he is!

I'm always reminded at events like these how blessed we are and how amazing the spirits are of kiddos and their families dealing with special needs. The event was incredible and I look forward to participating in the future!


Metsy said...

That was such an amazing event. I hope it's cooler next year (or moved inside) so we can stay outside long enough to love on all the kids. Those beautiful kids certainly do give me a renewed perspective. :)

Pamela said...

So sweet and the first picture of you with the rose looks like he's taking you to the prom.

What a wonderful treat for those children!

Anonymous said...

Dawn! THANKS SOOOO VERY MUCH for your continued support for our Superstars! And it was such a pleasure to have both you and Ryan as escorts on our Red Carpet this year in 2012!

thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU again for your sweet and generous support!

Greg Johnson, Founder
Night of Superstars!