Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Meet Amanda!

Hey everyone - I want to introduce you to my buddy Amanda Nall! Amanda is one of my real life football wife friends. Her husband Craig played with Ryan in Buffalo - we had lots of time to bond during those cold winters! Well, Craig and Amanda live about 20 minutes from us here in Texas. They are great friends and we always do what we can to support each other - check out my first ever "Guest Blog" segment on the Gridiron Goddess!

Introducing Amanda Nall!

Hello to all of the family, friends and FANS of Dawn's! My name is Amanda Nall and Dawn and I decided to do a little switch-a-roo and make guest appearances on each other's blogs today! I've always wanted to be a "guest blogger"! It sounds so official! ;)

This is me. :) Hi!

Here's a quick rundown on me. I'm a 29 year old stay-at-home mom/preschool teacher. I have been married for 6 years to a sweet man who just so happened to have played in the NFL (quarterback) for 7 years. Which is how I met Dawn. Our hubbies played together in Buffalo. :) I have 2 little boys-Matthew, 3, and Mason, 1. They are my joy, my heart, my soul...my purpose for being.

The fam.

AND, I am also a 31 Gifts Senior Consultant. Which is why I am here today, highjacking Dawn's blog. We are actually doing a little switch-a-roo. She will be the guest blogger on MY blog today as well talking about her business and its AMAZING skin care line!! So go HERE to check that out and support your girl! Don't forget to "follow" my blog while you're there if you like what you see! :)

So, onto the purpose of this intrusion.

Like I said, I am a 31 Gifts Consultant. If you haven't heard of 31, it is a direct selling company that produces some really adorable, affordable tote bags, handbags, organizational products to help clear your clutter, backpacks, lunch totes, etc etc etc... Best of all, almost everything can be personalized for just $7! You can choose from many different fonts, monogram styles, thread colors. At the very least, yall go check out the online catalog. Flip through a few pages and see what ya think!

These are a few of my favorite new things... (You should be able to click the pics to enlarge.)

Like anything you see?? There is tons more in the catalog! AND right now everything is 15% off!! Only until August 31! Ordering is very easy. You can can shop online anytime at www.mythirtyone.com/amandanall. Just click on "Place an Order". Orders will arrive at your door in 2 weeks or less. :)

And for those of you wondering about the Business Opportunity with 31...well let me just tell you straight out. I have tried a LOT of other direct selling companies. MonaVie, Arbonne, World Ventures to name a few. This is the only one that I ever made money at and didn't have to invest a ton of money into.

Enrollment Kit

For $99 you can become a consultant. And for that, you get over $300 in bags, totes, stationary and business materials (shown above) to get you well on your way! You also get your own website for free for the 3 months (you don't have to keep it after those 3 months if you don't want to but its only about $10 a month if you'd like to). Perks??? Well, lets see! How about a 25% commission on anything you sell starting immediately, a 25% consultant discount, and the fact that this stuff sells itself!?! When I first got my 25 catalogs that came with my enrollment kit in, I showed them to my neighbors, friends and family. And all of a sudden I had made my $99 back and then some. People WANTED to have parties to get free stuff as hostesses! And the parties around Christmas time were AMAZING because everyone wanted to do some shopping for all the women/girls on their lists!

For more info on becoming a consultant, go to my website and click on "Join My Team". Its that easy to get started! Personally, I joined to get that discount and the kit! And then people I knew wanted to know how they could order too. And pretty soon I was hooked and making actual MONEY! For awhile I thought all direct selling companies were scams b/c I had to invest a ton of money and then persuade my friends to PLEASE buy something!!! Not this stuff!! I love it!

I also have a 31 blog dedicated to all things 31. www.amandas31.blogspot.com I update it with monthly specials, party reviews, ideas on how to use different bags and lots of pictures! The consultant and hostess info needs to be updated on it because we have moved to a new catalog but it is right for the most part! I will be tweaking it soon!

So that's it ladies...(and gentlemen??). Thank you so much for reading and letting me barge in on your girl's blog! If you have any questions, you can reach me on my blog or at amandanall31(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks again! :)

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