Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Where's my Oscar???

I've been at this acting game for years now. In a market like Dallas, it's hard to become a superstar. Pilots come through - some local actors are lucky enough to be booked in day roles. They shoot their short scenes and are forgotten. Some local actors are lucky enough to work on the plethora of commercial work we get around her. It pays the bills, but certainly won't make anyone famous for being anything other than the Taco Cabana guy. We get scripts, audition, and hope we showed enough to get a chance to do what we love - act.

I had my first audition in weeks this morning. I hadn't looked at the script until late last night, and I quickly realized it was a doozy. Three scenes - one requiring some hardcore emotion, the next a portrayal of a beligerent drunk, and in the final scene... tears. I'm a crier - I cry all the time. During Hallmark commercials, hearing the choir sing a favorite song at church - I lose it. But I've always had a problem with turning on the waterworks during an audition. It's something that has challenged me. Well, it hollared "Cha-lunge" once again today as I prepared to try to bring it.

My first two scenes went okay. You know, I'm a happy drunk when I've had just a little too much to drink. The drunk I needed to play was sad. That was hard for me - out of my zone. So it could've looked ridiculous.

But the last scene... oh, the last scene. I felt the tears welling up. Next thing you know I look up towards the reader with tears strolling down my checks. Raw, authentic emotion. I was so proud of myself - it's taken me years to get to that point. Now I'm ready for my next crying audition!

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