Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Going Beyond the Game...

My Football Wives castmate Chanita Foster has a charity called Beyond the Game. Through fundraising efforts, Chanita and her crew take supplies to Africa and help build schools. A charity fundraiser was featured on Football Wives - I was so honored to be a part of the evening. I had even more fun when I flew to Atlanta
recently to attend one of her fundraising events.

Make sure you find out more about Beyond the Game -

Another highlight of the trip was staying with good friends from Buffalo - Raneisha and Peerless Price. It's always fun to see the folks you've maintained relationships with over the years. It's hard to do because of the constant moving around. But we're blessed to still have these two in our lives.

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Gameday Style said...

Just discovered your blog...what a fun read! Glad to know of Beyond the Game...such a great cause for us in the football world to support. It will be perfect to feature on my blog, Gameday Style. Thanks and take care!