Sunday, October 16, 2011

November Lily

Who doesn't love getting dressed up as a bride (or even a bride to be)?!?!? I loved being about to put my wedding dress on for a second time while shooting Football Wives. Putting on a gorgeous gown just makes me feel like a princess.

I had the opportunity to do a shoot for November Lily today. The company will launch next month. It's a luxury boutique bridal styling and design atelier. Owner Lulu Amin knows what she's doing. Here's a sneak peek pic from someone's cellphone today - I can't wait to see that shots, all of which were inspired by my favorite movie "Love Actually."

November Lily
Some Sweet Photography
TaKiyah Wallace, Lulu Amin and Stacy C. Uzuh.

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Lulu Amin said...

You are truly a natural Ms. Dawn!