Thursday, November 10, 2011

Front House Management's Celebrity Fashion Experience Vol. III

I had the distinct pleasure of hosting the Celebrity Fashion Experience last week. I attended the event in the spring as a guest and had a blast. I was thrilled (and nervous) to host the event this time around.

The roster of designers was impressive. Nicholas D'Aurizio from Project Runway (sidenote: I totally forgot the name of the show and had a total brain fart in front of a couple hundred people) was the first collection to hit the catwalk. The designs were amazing! Next, sleek men's designs from J. Cheikh. The designer collaborated with superstar Mike Ruiz on the collection - it was wonderful. And the show stopper that night - Mr. Reco Chapple. Reco started his show off with scantily clad male models rockin' itty bitty swimsuits. The ladies in the crowd were very pleased. Then the ladies hit the runway in amazing designs. One gown took my breathe away!

Thanks to QC Cong for taking such amazing pics!

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BlitzAndGlam said...

You looked great! Love that red dress on you.