Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Ryan and I had the opportunity to attend the Cowboys vs. Bills game at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday - thanks to Melani and Rocket Ismail hooking us up with tickets, VIP passes to the owner's club, etc. We tailgated a bit with good friends Erin McBriar and Britt Pigrenet. After the game, our old friend Paul Lancaster got us family passes so we could catch up with some of Ryan's old teammates. I especially enjoyed seeing the training staff - we all got to know each other pretty well over injuries and rehab.

We miss our Buffalo peeps - looking forward to heading up there next year for a game.

A neat thing happened during this game I'd be remiss to address. David Nelson, who I had the chance to meet at a Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids event, scored a touchdown during the game, then proceeded to run what looked to be a lap around the field. He was actually taking the ball to his Dallas Cowboy cheerleader. He gave her a big ol' hug and handed her the ball. It was very sweet.

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