Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God Sighting

Do you ever have those moments that just take your breathe away??? I call them God-sightings. In those moments, I witness and am reminded of the presence of God in my life. I had one this morning.

Today was a bit of a bummer. Allen Wilson's funeral was today in Buffalo, and Ryan and I were pretty bummed we couldn't get up there for the service. I was doing some reflecting when I saw the most amazing thing. I turned down a street near my office when I saw this:

The trees were crying leaves. It was stunning. The ground was covered with leaves. Leaves were slowly but steadily falling off of the trees. It was picturesque - like something out of a movie. I drove by in awe and finally decided to drive around the block so I could stop and take a picture. I wanted to remember this amazing sight.

God sightings. Gotta love them.

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