Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Go Bruins!

While we were home in California visiting family over the holidays, we took the kids up to UCLA and walked around. Wow - that campus is beautiful. I can't believe I walked that campus almost every day for five years without truly appreciating its beauty. My favorite moment was when we walked into the quad with buildings like Royce Hall and Powell Library. Bryn said, "Wow mommy, look at all the castles." She was right - they do look like castles!


BlitzAndGlam said...

These are great pics! I haven't been back to New Orleans since I graduated from law school (unacceptable), but I have a feeling when I go back I'll be the same way - seeing Tulane's campus and the city through fresh eyes.

Dawn said...

Tam, that just means we need to plan on meeting up in NOLA during Super Bowl next year!