Sunday, April 1, 2012

Down she goes... (almost)

I wore these amazing Brian Atwood shoes last night to the Smoking Haute: DIFFA Collection 2012 event and they were almost the death of me!

The event, which raises money for HIV/AIDS charities, was held at the Hilton Anatole in one of its grand ballrooms. Unfortunately, it wasn't the ballroom close to the hotel entrance and I had to do a lot of walking in what felt like 7 inch pumps. On my way to the ladies room, I became a little unsteady on my feet. I stumbled to the left, stumbled to the right, then managed to recover without actually hitting the ground. But it was close. Luckily my near spill was witnessed by only a handful or two of people or I may have just sashayed my way back to my car. But I managed to keep rocking those pumps, ankle sprain and all, and enjoyed the rest of the evening.

If I had actually bit it and hit the ground, I would've done so in style thanks to my friends at Watters. You may have heard of Watters - they are known for their beautiful wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses. Bet you didn't know that they designed dresses that looked like this!

I felt amazing in this stunning blue gown they designed for last year's DIFFA event. They dressed my good friend Cynthia Smoot as well in a lovely purple ensemble! I hope she doesn't mind me borrowing a couple of her pics - my camera decided to go all diva on me last night and refused to take a good pic. Make sure you check out Cynthia's blog for more pics and coverage of this fabulous event!
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It truly was a fabulous night with good friends. The runway show was amazing, complete with drag queens and body-painted models. Can't wait to see how DIFFA steps up its game next year!

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Cynthia Smoot said...

You can steal my photos anytime! I had so much fun with you at DIFFA!! It was a fabulous event.