Friday, April 27, 2012

He says, she says....

I've got a little time before my Ambien kicks in and wanted to share and respond to the primarily pro-Pilar responses I received from my blog post. Where to start....

Q: Why do have the right to express your opinion?
A:  Well, it is my blog, I'm protected by the First Amendment and I've got something to say.

Comment: Stop worrying about other peoples lives and get on with yours. Try to make a name for yourself instead of living off your husbands profession. Gridiron Goddess. Child Please!
A.  I've got a name - it's Dawn Neufeld. Recognized in law firms, media outlets, television, etc. I could keep going. Might take some time before people realize who Pilar Biggers is. Comment: ur real jealous of Pilar... Right, because I REALLY want a busted lip and a mug shot.

And my favorite - my response is below:

Comment: Brittany Brown said... Blah, Blah, Blah... Why take up so much time, space and energy on your blog to comment on Pilar's failures? What did you get accomplished? You wanted to set the record straight about....? So,is FOOTBALL WIVES off the air because: 1. Pilar left? 2. Cast was boring? 3. Low Ratings? 4. Nobody knew who these guys were besides, for ex: Rocket Ismail, Matt McBriar and Deion Sanders? 5. Was your husband EVER a DALLAS COWBOY???? LOL... I could go on for days.... Sincerely, Brittany Brown

 Well Brittany, Let me respond.
 1. Pilar isn't as big a deal as she (or you) thinks she is. See your points 2 and 3.

 2. Cast was funny with good stories. We're wives, it's our REALITY and not always as scandalous and contentious (big word) that Basketball Wives would make you believe. You might be the uninteresting and boring one if you think a bunch of grown women constantly fighting makes for good t.v.

 3. Ratings were decent but not great. They were higher than a lot of shows VH1 has renewed.

 4. Most guys on a 53 man squad don't have name recognition. Fine by me. But Ryan got a check for 7 years so who cares if you've never heard of him. I'm still Dawn and not Mrs. Ryan Neufeld. Works for me. 

5. Yep. Signed as a free agent after the draft in 2009 and spent half the season on the practice squad before being activated and backing up Moose Johnston. Played with Deion and Rocket actually. Was then allocated to NFL Europe by the Cowboys where his time won thhe Championship in 2000.

 You didn't like my opinion of Pilar so you attacked me and talked smack on a blog. How much energy did that take? Says something about your character, no? And I accomplished a lot - got a clear conscience and a lot off my chest. You? And please keep going.... At the end of the day Pilar can add a mugshot to her portfolio. #notwinning

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