Friday, June 15, 2012

Cancer Has Cancer Run/Walk 2012

I get asked to do a lot of neat things, and last Saturday was no exception.  Heather Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of the Cancer Has Cancer Foundation, asked me to officiate the foundation's Cure for One, Cure for All 5k Run/Walk at Bachman Lake.  I was thrilled Heather asked me to participate - I would support her in anything she wanted to do!

I met Heather several years ago working on a project for D210.  I immediately appreciated her beauty and spunk.  A fellow beauty queen, Heather was planning on doing some PR for D210 as we all worked to get the project going.

Heather's plans were derailed shortly thereafter when, at the age of 28, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive stage 3 ovarian cancer.  After emergency surgery and aggressive chemotherapy, Heather kicked some cancer butt and she is now a survivor.

As Heather spoke to the crowd last Saturday, she talked about making it to the Cure for One, Cure for All walk in 2015.  You see, there is a 60% chance she will have a recurrence before the 5 year mark (2015).  I cried as Heather talked about "if" she's still here in five years.  Can you imagine?!?!  It is hard to fathom what it must be like to wake up everyday wondering if you're going to get that call that your cancer has come back, or hearing that your 5 year survival rate if the cancer comes back is around 10%.  Well, Heather is a fighter - I have no doubt she will be with us in 2015 and for many more run/walks to come!

Instead of focusing on the devastating effect this horrible disease has had on her, Heather decided to start the Cancer Has Cancer Foundation to help raise funds to find a cure and help provide support for families dealing with cancer.   Please visit to learn more about this amazing foundation.

Heather is my hero.   Keep up the good work lady! 

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