Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Favorite Things/Miss USA Watch Party

I love hosting a good get-together.  This past weekend, I combined two of my favorite things - beauty pageants and gifts - into one fabulous girls' night out.  I hosted a Favorite Things/Miss USA watch party and it was an absolute hit!  

I came across the idea for a Favorite Things party on Pinterest a while back and I couldn't wait to host one.  Here's the idea - invite your friends over and everyone brings three identical items that represent one of their favorite things.  For our party, the value of the item needed to be between $10-15.  The favorite things are divvied up and everyone gets to take a bag of goodies home.  

My favorite thing was the first book in the "Fifty Shades of Grey" trilogy.  I had to share this book with my friends.  Other favorite things included Kate Spade lipstick, nail polish, makeup brushes, Skinny Girl cocktails, chocolate, Starbucks and Target gift cards, Nordstrom beverage cups, even ice cream!  And thanks to one of my friends, I am now the proud owner of one of her favorite things, a beta fish who we named Missy Universe.

I kicked things up a notch by providing the ladies with additional goodies in their favorite things bags.  I asked my Facebook friends if anyone wanted to provide raffle items or gift bag items to the guests.  Offers poured in - people recognized that the goodie bags were a great opportunity to promote their products!  We raffled off everything from spray tans to photography sessions and jewelry.  A super special thank you to the following folks who really made this evening special:
  • My high school cheerleading friend Erica Zetz who provided a cute cosmetic bag for the raffle and items for all guests from Thirty-One - www.mythirtyone.com/ezetz
  • Vita Cooper who not only provided each attendee with a bag full of Arbonne essentials items including fizz sticks and daily power packs but also provided a basket of full size essential items for the raffle.  www.arbonne.com ID:12562982 LadyCBotanicals@gmail.com
  • Venture Watson provided the ladies with a sample of the widely popular Body by Vi shake mix. www.venturewatson.bodybyvi.com 
  • My girl Tanya Lee of Avasiare (www.avasiare.com) provided full size mascaras for everyone.  Tanya's business partner Bonnie Benavidez and Avasiare have sponsored me every year for Mrs. Texas - love those girls!!!!
  • Ken Wesley of Supreme Dream Photography provided each guest with a gift certificate for 50% off of a photography session and we raffled off a gift certificate worth $250! www.supremedreamphoto.com
  • The fabulous Janie Monares provided a copy of her book "Ship Mates" for the raffle - thanks Janie! www.janiemonares.com
  • The super talented Twana Marx of Creative Marx Handmade jewelry sent a ton of jewelry and a bracelet for the raffle.  Here designs were a huge hit for the lucky ladies who had pieces in their goodie bags! www.creative-marx.com
  • Erin Smith, the Sunless Diva, actually set up her spray tan booth in the master bathroom and was ready and willing to provide spray tans for the ladies.  Everyone was too busy watching the pageant to partake, but everyone went home with  a coupon and a lucky lady went home with a raffle prize for a free spray tan! www.thesunlessdiva.com
  • And finally, a special thank you to Keshia Randle who donated an adorable pair of Stella & Dot earrings - we actually had a contest to see who could predict the new Miss USA and the person won the earrings. www.stelladot.com/randle
To finish off the gift bags and raffle, I provided some of my favorite items from Rodan + Fields including the ever popular microdermabrasion paste.

This was an incredibly easy party to host.  I provided beverages and asked everyone to bring their favorite appetizer or dessert to share.  My kitchen island was completely covered with deliciousness ranging from sopapilla cheesecake to buffalo chicken dip.  Have you ever seen pageant girls eat during off season?!?  We threw down.

To cap off the night, we thoroughly enjoyed watching the Miss USA pageant.  I think the element of competition for the party guests really added to the experience!  After the top 10 were chosen, we had to pick our top 5.  Several of us had Rhode Island to win.  None of us thought Miss Ohio belonged in the top 5.  There was a lot of screaming and the t.v. and threats to throw stuff at it had anyone but Miss Rhode Island won.

I can't say enough good things about this party.  Folks are still raving about it, and I'm guessing some of the ladies who decided not to come might be regretting their decision!  Thanks again to the ladies who participated and to the folks who made our goodie bags so special!  

Sidenote: I had every intention of taking pics of all the ladies with their new favorite things, but I was having so much fun I forgot!

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