Thursday, July 5, 2012

50 Cent... Autism... The Aftermath

The autism community has spoken!!!  Thanks to Holly Robinson Peete's open letter to 50 Cent regarding his ridiculously offensive tweets about autism and those with special needs, 50's timeline and Facebook page were bombarded.  Mothers and fathers posted their children's pictures with the hashtags #FacesofAutism and #whatautismlookslike.  What an incredible opportunity to increase awareness for what autism really is.

Interestingly enough, 50 has his supporters and plenty stepped up to make excuses for these tweets.  Someone said his Twitter account had been hacked, yet he was tweeting about his upcoming birthday.  Another response said he'd been out of town and couldn't monitor his account.  Last I checked, Twitter is global and I'm guessing even in Siberia, there may be access.  Neither of these two excuses fly with me.  @50Cent is 50's verified account.  I'm going to assume he condones anything that is posted on his timeline on his behalf, and avoiding responsibility by blaming it on someone else isn't going to fly.

I think one of my favorite excuses offered up by a 50 supporter was that he's rich and is helping to feed millions of people in Africa.  That's crap.  That would be like saying if Mitt Romney turned around and called 50 the "n-word," he'd be excused because he does charity work.  It's even like George Zimmerman saying he can't be racist because he has Black friends.  Does that sound right to you?!?  Ridiculous.

The tweets have apparently been removed but that took entirely way too long.  And 50 has not issued an apology to the millions of families and children he offended.  One of the anonymous commentators on my blog pretty much said the autism community is too sensitive and 50 was just joking.  Well, autism is not a joke.  There is nothing funny about autism.  I have no doubt that the person who left this anonymous post does not know someone with autism - if so, they never would've left such a ridiculous comment.  Come walk a day in my shoes and let me know how funny you think autism is.

While we wait on an apology, I've decided to boycott any business associated with 50 Cent - Reebok and Vitamin Water quickly come to mind.  I hope others do the same.  One thing punks like 50 (who are rich and think that entitles them to act however they so choose) respond to is money, especially when they are losing it.  Hit him where it hurts and I bet he'll watch his words in the future.

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Sue said...

So instead of being a true man and standing up, taking responsibility and saying he's sorry about being ignorant for what he said about special ed and children with Autism...he just tweeted it off as a joke and tried to justify his joke because he was allegedly in special ed for anger issues...really? Come on man...does he think we are that stupid? My son is 4 and has Autism. He is the most loving, kind and extremely smart boy. 1 in 88 children have Autism. I and no one else believes what he said was meant as a joke...and if he wants to stick by that excuse...then he continues to be ignorant....because anyone with compassion, understanding and respect would don't make jokes at the expense of these children. He is just another form of a bully...trying to escape out the back door now that the weak are standing up! He needs to educate himself...and it would make him a better person to just come out and say he's sorry...but only if he truly means it...he shouldn't do it for his career...because if he does it for the wrong reasons...he going to continue to loose any dignity he may have left. #thisiswhatautismlookslike