Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My open letter to 50 Cent

I am a 50 Cent fan.  Always have been.  Right around this time of year, he always ends up on my playlist around the time of my birthday.  

Go shawty, it's ya birthday, we gon party like it's ya birthday, 
gon sip Bacardi like it's your birfday... you know the rest.  

We all know the rest because that's our jam.

I was so disappointed and became angry today after reading an amazing blog post written by Holly Robinson Peete on her blog.  Holly is an autism mom - her oldest son is on the spectrum.  So naturally she was disturbed by comments posted by @50Cent on Twitter.  The posts read like this:

yeah i just saw your picture fool you look autistic  RT  Release the album or get shot again

Explain to me 50 - what does "autistic" look like?  Maybe you don't really know, so here's a picture of my son to give you an example...

That sweet boy with a perfect smile and eyelashes to die for.  He's kind of handsome, isn't he?!?  He's a little flirt - he loves the ladies.  But is this who you were referring to in your attempt to diss homie on your timeline by saying he looks autistic?  

The first tweet was followed shortly by...
i dont want no special ed kids on my time line follow some body else

Oh, okay.... so now we've gone from lumping all autistic people together to 50 Cent telling his 8 million followers that he doesn't want any special ed kids on his timeline.   Again, another slap in the face to those of us who have children with special needs.  50 might think this is funny, no big deal.  I can assure you 50 that this is huge.  I pity the ignorant fool that becomes the concerted target of the autism community.   We will educate you.

And finally, the last suspect tweet in the first round of offenders stated...
just kidding about da special ed kids man, i was in special ed day said i had anger issues lol

Right, okay, so all special ed kids have anger issues now?!?!?  Looks like your issues had more to deal with your ability to spell.  My son with autism has no problem with spelling easy English words properly.  This response is angering.  

What's more upsetting is that these insulting tweets have not been removed from his timeline.  They've been there since yesterday.  I have been told by a very good source that 50's twitter account was hacked and he didn't tweet these awful things.  Well, he needs to fix it, and fix it now.  One of his "people" has to have access - they need to remove the tweets.  The tweets should be immediately removed and 50 Cent needs to issue an apology.  Where are his "people?"  Why haven't they dealt with this yet?  I suggest they do soon - mainstream media has paid great attention to issues affecting families with autism.  And thanks to Holly Robinson Peete, there is an EXCELLENT point of reference for us all to get behind as we continue to battle such ignorance of the likes of 50 Cent.

I had to share Holly Robinson Peete's amazing blog post on this subject today.  She hit the nail on the head.  She seemed so calm, so eloquent.  She said it better than me - I just want 50 to know that he's a jackass.

Here's the link for Holly's Blog Post... 


Anonymous said...

I agree 100%!! I did my student teaching in the Special Ed dept. working with kids w/ Austism & other learning disabilities. They have enough to deal with in life w/o being referred to this way. The comments should have been taken down immediately!


Anonymous said...

Written with class Thanks-

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT...all of it. Hacked or not, I am sure Tracy Morgan right now is wondering where all the backlash is. The Ying to Holly's yang, dude is a jackass.

violaholladay said...

Well said. My son has autism and I was so hurt by those tweets. It knocked the wind out of me when I realized that kids might start using the word Autism as the new R word. It hurts me to think that my poor baby could be ridiculed for the simple point of 50 have a laugh.

Anonymous said...

I understand your sentiments, but I think people have gotten too caught up in the "controversy" to step back and think for a moment. First, 50 Cent is nearly 40 and was wrong for what he tweeted, especially given how ultra-sensitive our society is nowadays. Initially, I was hella peeved as well given my volunteer work with disabled, battered and orphaned children. However, I remembered--there are an abundance of "trolls" on Twitter. These people have reps for creating accounts only to stalk and insult the rich and famous. And they should fully expect responses should they be bold enough to tweet a person in the public eye. However, I don't think "Fitty," in a literal sense, responded to the "offender" with any genuine maliciousness. When I was in high school, guys called each other "retards" and say "kill yo self" all the time. But it was said in jest. No one in class literally committed suicide or went around hurling insults at those "branded" a "retard." I think, what it really boils down to, is that Mr. Jackson was pissed to see such blatant words appear in his mentions and chose to retweet dude, embarrass him with the first insult (albeit, a poor one in nature) that came to mind, and essentially, make an example for the next Twitter user feeling high and mighty to see.

sbl said...

i can't believe that this is true... its just unreal to me. I loved his music too, and to know that he said such ignorant things really surprises me. It's a shame I won't be listening to his tunes anymore.