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Real Wives of the NFL - Amanda Davis

Over the years, I've met so many amazing NFL wives with interesting lives and inspiring stories.  From owning their own businesses, raising their families, doing charitable work, helping their families transition out of football, and even dealing with the not-so-glamorous aspects of the NFL like injuries and divorce, there are so many stories to tell.  So I've decided to tell their stories here!  And I can't think of a better way to get the ball rolling than to update you on how the "Football Wives" are doing. 

Many people were left hanging after VH1 decided to cancel our show.  The two questions I get asked all the time are: (1) Do you and Pilar really hate each other (hate is such a strong word but...) and (2) What is everyone up to?  So I decided to reach out to my fellow castmembers for an update.  Up first - Mrs. Amanda Davis!

Born and raised in Phoenix, AZ

Current city:
San Francisco, CA

Well the list that qualifies is a Jewelry Designer, Independent Promoter For Visalus, Mommy, Wife
Where did you go to school?
I graduated high school from Greenway and I went most of the way through nursing school until I realized I had the power to accidentally kill someone. Gave that up quick! I also got my Cosmetology degree.

How did you and Leonard meet?
AHHH, well I was out with some girlfriends and he was out by himself. I immediately saw the bald head and the huge body, it was over then. I was like you had me at hello.

What teams has Leonard played for, and where is he now?
Leonard played for the Arizona Cardinals, Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions and we are currently with the San Francisco 49ers (Leonard was signed by the 49ers in July).

Tell me what being a wife during training camp is like?
Well every year I ask the same question, why do you even have a training camp, as if suddenly the sport changed and they need training to bring them up to speed. If you forgot how to do your job, you may want to think about hanging it up. So, I'm not really PRO training camp. I hate being alone, the kids somehow figure "oooh dads gone let's start in on mom!' Short answer, it sucks.

What was filming a reality t.v. show like?
When we filmed Football Wives it was fun. You know I don't normally get along with females all the time, so to meet the ladies I connected with and grow friendships was great. Sometimes I really wanted to slap around people on set due to immaturity, but I'm older and wiser and to be honest I don't have that kind of energy to waste!

Do you think Football Wives properly depicted “reality?”
NOPE. They portrayed it ok until it came to Pilar. I'm not a Pilar hater - in fact her whole situation right now we all knew about then, but we all respected her enough to not open that can of worms. Thats her business and we would have gladly stepped in to offer support, but first you gotta admit there's a problem.  Second, she for whatever reason, pushed us away and would have rather fought with us. No one ever saw that story. Maybe to protect reputation, but its smeared all over the news now.  (For the record, Amanda is LOADED, has a loving husband, etc.  So if anyone gets on here and tries to call her "jealous," they are just going to sound foolish).

What one thing you want viewers to know that they didn’t see on the show?
I guess the one thing people should know is how much deeper we all go. We shopped and ate. We do eat everyday and sometimes go to the grocery store everyday. That's not what it looked like though. Ask me now how often I get together with my friends? Oh or even how when guys are ripped from their teams and how that messes up your entire existence! I homeschool my girls because in and out of school is not a good learning experience or healthy for my girls. Ask me how it's very hard to not fire back at fans when they are completely clueless as to what they are talking about or coaches or owners.  Or the media. Can't say anything cause it could get your husband black-balled. I'll be writing a book when he retires though and it will be very detailed. Get ready for that!!!  Don't read it if you don't want your bubble busted about what a "GREAT LIFE' this is.  Sorry - just keepin it real.

What is the hardest thing about being a football wife?
I think I summed that up in the last question. I'm not hostile though.

What are some of the perks of being a football wife?
Yes we have some perks in this business. I have met lots of famous people outside of football. Football has allowed our family to experience travel to different cities and enabled us to open our restaurants, Smash Burger. That's about it.

What was your favorite Football Wives moment?
Probably when we filmed in NYC. Thanks VH1. I now have a new obsession with this city.

What was your least favorite Football Wives moment?
Pilars tantrums. She is so draining mentally, physically and spiritually. I mean you can't even try to be nice to her.

Do you wish Football Wives would’ve come back for a second season? What do you think went wrong?
Yeah it would've been great to have Season 2. I know what went wrong - they tried to tell a story that wasn't there. None of us got along with Pilar (even before the show.) That's on her though. We ALL tried in one way or another. They should have shown all the stuff they cut out and really depicted us the way we are. People want the truth - not 7 chicks screaming at each other over the same drama. That crap gets old. Nobody watches that. Now, disagreements are a legit issue, but even on sitcoms they solve their issues in 30 minutes!! C'mon folks. Pretend you had done this before. I told the producers originally Pilar would NOT help their ratings. Guess I was crazy... not.

What do you think Leonard will do when he retires from the NFL?
Well we will do some traveling. He loves to drive, (yuck) but I am willing to do whatever makes him happy. It will be nice to not have "where's my next job" lingering over your head. It's like being laid off every six months from the same freakin employer.

What’s one thing that might surprise people about you?
I can sing, and no, not just shower singin either. Like sista sang. (I can attest to that - I've heard her sing.)
What’s something on your bucket list?
For my husband to retire happy and healthy, that's unheard of to do both. I will breathe again when we are done.

Do you have a favorite NFL team?
Whoever sends out the paycheck. I'm just sayin.

Favorite movie?
Mrs. Doubtfire

Favorite food?

Favorite t.v. show?
Duck Dynasty. I die laughing every time I watch Si the uncle. He's hysterical.

What charities do you support?
Epilepsy, Autism, SPCA, good grief I know there's more, I'm drawing a blank, sorry if I forgot anyone.

What projects are you working on?
I'm working on the RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW. Whatever is in front of me, cause it's in my way then.

Tell me about your pets.
Really, you got all day? We have 6 dogs, 2 cats, 3 fish, and a tarantula. 2 mastiffs, 1 Rotty, 3 miniature schnauzers and 2 Corish Rex cats. One of which is your favorite Dawn? (Ah, my little buddy Bob).

If you could go on an unlimited shopping spree in one store, what store would that be?
Container Store, I love that place.I go in there and loom at things I already have. It's an obsession.

Some other things you might not now about the Davis family - she has her own jewelry company called Mandy's Bling Thing; Leonard plays in a heavy metal band called Free Reign; and the couple own a couple different Smashburger franchises. 
Find out more about Amanda at http://www.mandysblingthings.com

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