Thursday, August 9, 2012

You're Here for the Mom

Auditions can be interesting.  Today's was for a spanish channel - some of the ladies in line were stunning Latinas in cute, tight dresses who busted out their Spanish.  I can sing the song "De Colores" but that's about the extent of my bilingual-ness.

I stood there in jeans and a cardigan looking very average because I was told I was auditioning for a mom.  I see some of the other ladies auditioning with their tight sexy clothes on and I'm thinking, I want to be considered for THAT roll!  The casting agent made the other ladies feel great - it was all about their legs, their sexy walks, how beautiful they were.  Then all she said to me was, "You must be here for the mom."  I wanted to scream "NO, I'm that sexy girl - I can do the walk."  But today, it was just unsexy, uninteresting soccer mom.  I love this casting agent though - she is super sweet and it's always great to get in to see her.  I couldn't help but to laugh about the experience though.  I accomplished what I'd set out to do - dress down and look like a "mom."  And I am, in fact, a mom.  I've got to say - it's the coolest role every!

To wrap up my excellent audition experience, I didn't realize I had makeup powder all down the side of my jeans.  People saw me.  No one told me.  That's just how things went today.

Next time I see a casting for a mom, I'm showing up like the mom I am (hot) vs. what they think they want!

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