Monday, September 3, 2012

Mrs. Texas Pageant Prep - Hear We Go - Again

So here's the deal.  Mrs. Texas is just a couple of months away and I've got to get ready.  My body is in a weird place right now.  I haven't had an opportunity to work out as much as I'd like and my eating habits are consistent with w chick who always finds herself on the go - lots of fast food.  Well, with the pageant about 14 weeks away, it's crunch time.

I start training tomorrow with my favorite boot camp instructor Sheila.  I'm so out of shape - this is not going to feel good.   But if I keep it up over the next couple of months without eating too many foot long chili cheese dogs from Sonic, I will look amazing.  

So here is the pin I have put on my vision board for if I could envision my perfect pageant shape, this is what it would be...

Ryan thinks she's too skinny, which might be one reason why he's not fully supporting me hitting the gym - he likes curves.  And so it begins - boot camp in the morning to get me going to get my best Mrs. Texas pageant body yet!

Then again, this other chick isn't so bad either - she's on my vision board to provide me with some inspiration...

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s said...

are u kidding me??? You are the type that can eat all the chili cheese dogs you want!!!! i will always envy your perfect body you are gorgeous!!!!!!! can't wait for you to compete though, i'm your #1 fan! <3 xoxoo