Monday, September 10, 2012

What a weekend...

You know, I'm getting old.  I'm reminded of this every time I try to pack a couple of events into one weekend and then can't get out of bed when all is said and done.  Yesterday I rolled out of bed to grab a bite to eat, went back to sleep until around 3:00 p.m., cleaned for about an hour, then got back in bed to watch t.v. for the rest of the evening.  Let me recap what had me so worn out...

FRIDAY - The Celebrity Waiter Luncheon Benefiting Family Gateway

The Celebrity Waiter Luncheon is an EPIC event here in Dallas.  Known for it's raunchiness and "anything goes" atmosphere, the luncheon is a hit with everyone.  The uber-classy Ritz Carlton hosted the event on Friday where attendees tipped their celebrity waiters to perform various tasks, all in the name of charity!  From performing lap dances to dancing the Wobble, the waiters lived up to guests' expectations.

Ryan and I waited on the wonderful group from Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities.   We decked out our table with football-related decor including a couple of Ryan's old Dallas Cowboys jerseys (vintage, right?). 

I love this pic Shana Anderson took - our table tipped Ryan to throw me one of the mini-footballs on the table.  I caught that bad boy, but look at the guy's face right next to my behind - he was waiting in serious anticipation for me to catch that pass.

Goodness - what we will do in the name of charity.  Ryan went on to do the "gator."  Our table had to Youtube videos to show us what "white boy breakdancing" looks like.  Ryan busted a move, then quickly regretted it.  I think he pulled a groin muscle and he's been sore ever since.  I keep telling him his post-football body can't handle that stuff anymore.

The good news is that the event was wildly successful and raised a ton of money for Family Gateway, a charity that provides transitional housing and comprehensive services to families with children in Dallas experiencing homelessness.  Congratulations to event chairs Shay Geyer and Maggie Cooke Kipp and thank you for including the Neufelds in the shenanigans!

Don't worry - he didn't take me in.

SATURDAY - Bobby Norris's 24th Annual Roundup for Autism Pegasus Ball

Because one big charity event a weekend just isn't enough, Ryan and I were the honored chairpersons of the Pegasus Ball benefiting the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas.  The Fairmont Hotel hosted this fabulously fun and fancy event.  I got to wear my FAVORITE dress by Watters Designs - you know, the one that looks like they made it just for me?  Whenever they are ready to give it to me or mass produce and name it the "Dawn" dress, I'm all for it!

Ryan and I were surprised with a beautiful award from the ATC crew honoring our participation in the event.  A highlight for me was watching an amazing video package that the folks at WFAA put together for the ball.  Neil Massey of the ATC had asked me to send in some pics of Will - seeing my baby boy up there on the big screen made me lose it.  As I tried to salvage my eye makeup I'd worked on for an hour, I watched this video and thought about all the people in the room who were there for a common reason - to support a wonderful organization that is providing a tremendous service to children and adults with autism in communities all over Texas.  It really was a special night.

We also enjoyed meeting our host Bobby Norris - he was so funny and even invited Ryan and I to have dinner at the original Del Frisco's in Ft. Worth.  We will SO be taking him up on that offer.

I've asked the ATC folks for a copy of the video - as soon as I get it, I'll be sure to post it.

Fun times in the D.F.Dub...

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