Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

The Neufelds usually haul out to Flowermound for our annual pumpkin patch outing - the Flowermound pumpkin patches are an institution.  Two side-by-side competing farms luring families in from near and far with bounce houses, corn mazes, character cut outs and high-priced pumpkins.  We've learned over the years to avoid the pumpkin patches like the plague on the weekends - it's just too crowded.  We were making pumpkin patch plans last week when I heard from a friend that the Celina Pumpkin Patch was the place to be.  Feeling adventurous and ready for a change, we hopped in Ryan's F-150 and headed north.

The Big Orange Pumpkin Farm was amazing.  Parking was free but we had to pay $8 per person to get in.  It was SO worth it.  We all received cups of feed for the goats and longhorns - yes, we got to feed longhorns. 

Then we set out on a long hayride that lasted about 15 minutes.  The beautiful grounds included a small lake and a little chapel.  Something about being out there convinced Ryan and I that we need to put "build a farmhouse getaway" to our bucket list, minus the animals though.  That's where we draw the line...

After that, the kids ran around the manageable corn maze.  Because it wasn't crowded, we didn't mind letting the kids run through while we waited at the entrance/exit.

Finally, we all got to pick out mini-pumpkins on our way out.  There were other pumpkins available to purchase, but everyone was happy with our mini-pumpkins.


I loved this pumpkin patch.  It wasn't crowded.  It was clean and welcoming.  Best part about it was the smiling and welcoming family that owns the farm who made the experience wonderfully personal.  The one downside was that there were no bounce houses - and Will was expecting a bounce house because he's so used to them at the other pumpkin patch.  The lack of bounce houses quickly became a non-factor.  The kids had a blast!

 We'll definitely plan on heading back to the Big Orange Pumpkin Farm next year. 

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