Monday, November 19, 2012

Night of Superstars - Ft. Worth edition!

Ryan and I attended Night of Superstars this weekend at the Gaylord Texan.  Like the event we attended earlier this year that honored amazing kids facing all sorts of challenges from the Dallas area, last night's gala honored similar kiddos who live near Ft. Worth.
The event was simply magical.  We were honored to escort a young lady named Samantha down the red carpet.  Samantha has autism, and I hope we were able to put her mom at ease by letting her know we understood.  Samantha did remarkably well signing autographs and tolerating the loud cheers of her adoring fans.  We were so proud of her!

On an interesting note, I had the most interesting conversation with another one of the celebrities escorting the kids down the red carpet.  Dan Godwin and his superstar were standing behind us.  For starters, we recognized his superstar Abby - she is on Will's Miracle League baseball team!  She was very excited when we showed her pictures of Will on Ryan's phone.

After chatting with Abby, we began talking about the USC-UCLA football game.  Dan is a Bruin!  We instantly connecting over all things UCLA, including yesterday's win over the Trojans.  I asked where Dan was from.  He told me he was from a little town outside of L.A. called Calabasas.  I told him I was born in Thousand Oaks and that my dad taught and coached at Agoura High.  Dan then said he went to Agoura.  After we chatted a little more, we realized Dan went to Agoura while my dad was there.  Amazing!  A small world moment that brought me to tears.
Another fun night honoring some fabulous kids!  Congrats to founder Greg Johnson for creating such a phenomenal event.
Of course, it's always fun to run into friends too at these shindigs!

And let me send a special shout out to Watters for dressing me for the event.  I just love their gowns!

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