Friday, November 2, 2012


 I love reunions.  While some despise them, the whole idea of reuniting with old friends, professors and colleagues I haven't seen in a while makes me giddy.  So when it was time for the King Hall School of Law Class of 2002 to reunite on the campus of UC Davis, I didn't hesitate to book my trip to California.  It would be my first time back to the small college town right outside of Sacramento since I took the bar exam during the summer of 2002, so I was really looking forward to seeing how much has changed.

Goodness, things have changed alright.  When I first drove by the school on the 80, it was practically unrecognizable!  So many new state-of-the art buildings make up the school's skyline.  Some classmates had to point out that the new Mondavi Center was erected where we used to park.  It took me a while to figure out where the law school is.  It, too, has undergone a major renovation and expansion over the last couple of years and it looks great.  It was fun touring the school with old classmates.  Our little group spent several minutes in the antiquated (but soon to be updated) library stacks where we used to study for hours on end.  It's crazy how those three years in law school were probably three of the most stressful of my life, but being back in King Hall only brought back good memories.  I really enjoyed seeing the old mixed in with the new.  It's clear King Hall is working on securing it's position as a top-tier law school!
The old entrance to King Hall...

Davis is still an incredibly beautiful campus.  If it hadn't been almost 90 degrees last Saturday I would've spent more time walking around.  But here are a few shots of some of my favorite spots around the law school.

A definite highlight of the reunion was chatting with my professors including one of my favorites, Professor Sunder.  She started her teaching career during our first year.  We were her first class.  I love the fact that she is still at Davis!
I had a chance to catch up (quickly) with the school's dean, Kevin Johnson.  He was an associate dean while I was a student and was actually my Civil Procedure professor my first year.  I pointed out to a friend the seat I was sitting in when Dean Johnson called on me the first day of class.  He asked me if I thought the law was fair.  I replied, "Well, I was watching Ally McBeal last night..."  Dean Johnson gave me a look like, "Who let this chick in here?"  I'm glad to say I didn't disappoint - I passed that California bar exam the first time around thanks to him and the rest of the faculty at Davis.

A few things about Davis haven't changed though.  I was still able to find these guys on campus...

I got a little bummed though when I decided to drive by my Davis apartment.  I got off the freeway and was sad to see that a bunch of new apartments had gone up where my old apartment was.  Well, it only took me a couple of minutes to realize I'd gotten off at the wrong exit.  My little apartment was still there (bottom, left).

It was a tiny little one-bedroom that I lived in all three years in school.  My rent was $585/month!  But a lot of memories coincide with that little place.  9/11 happened while I lived there.  Ryan and I were newlyweds in that little apartment.  More Davis memories I'll have forever.

After official festivities concluded, we met up at a quaint little spot called "Our House."  Unfortunately, they were unable (or unwilling) to accommodate our group although I believe they had notice we were coming.  One of my classmates said she knew the owner of the Mexican restaurant across the street (unbeknownst to me, my favorite taco spot in Sacramento, Tres Hermanas, opened up a location in Davis) and after a few minutes, we were sitting down eating chips and sipping margaritas.  After that, we did a little Davis bar-hopping before parting ways.

It was great seeing my classmates and former professors - I'm looking forward to heading back in 5 years!   

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April Grant said...

Aren't you telling the truth? I went back for Friends and Family day in the spring (my sister is now an undergrad there) and I walked the entire campus! It's growing and the new school is beautiful!