Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Bowl Shenanigans in the Big Easy...

Ryan and I took a (long) road trip to New Orleans for Super Bowl festivities last week.  Our quick trip included not one but two stops (there and back) and a place in Shreveport called Crawdaddy's.  Although I had to ask what a boudin ball is, I believe they might be one of the most delicious foods in the world!  Ryan had the Crawfish Supreme which included a piece of crawfish cornbread smothered in crawfish etouffe!  It was unreal.  The meal was capped off with some slammin' fried green tomatoes! 

All food aside, the main reason for our trip was to support the Off the Field Players' Wives Association's 12th Annual Super Bowl fashion show.  I had a blast hosting the event with local news anchor Randi Rousseau...

A couple highlights from the event included a band that played traditional Mardi Gras-esque music.  Every single event attendee was on their feet dancing and enjoying the music, including Saints' owner Tom Benson and his beautiful wife Gayle.  I even got to reunite with my Football Wives cast mates Chanita Foster and Amanda Davis.

The ladies of Off the Field did an amazing job at this first-class Super Bowl event that was tons of fun and raised funds benefiting several charities including the 34 Ways Foundation, the Beautiful Foundation, the New Orleans Justice Center, and victims of Hurricane Isaac.  Got to give a special shout out to Ericka Lassiter, local chair Rachel McKenzie and the Off the Field board.

With feet pounding and spirits high, we hit up a couple big parties that night.  We had to, because one of the reasons Super Bowl week is such a highlight for us is that it gives us an opportunity to connect with Ryan's former teammates, our friends and football family.  Our first stop was the ESPN party.  Wow.  It was like a trip down memory lane.  So great to see friends from EVERY team Ryan has ever played on.  

Besides CeeLo performing that night, a true highlight of the party was running into another Football Wives cast mate Erin McBriar - she's expecting!

After the ESPN party, we made our way over to the NFLPA party.  That's where all of my girls were hanging out.  We ran into MORE of Ryan's former teammates.  The reunions get me every time.  It was a great night.

It was a long weekend, but so worth the trip.  We were back home in sweats by the time the big game rolled around.  With friends on both teams, it was hard to pick a favorite.  Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens (but hugs to my Mandy Jenkins).

Until next year - see you in NY/NJ!

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