Monday, March 25, 2013

Five day juice cleanse - the aftermath

My final verdict on the juice cleanse - it worked!  When I set out on my torturous endeavor last week, I had a couple of goals in mind - lose a little weight, feel better, look better, etc.  After weighing in Friday morning at 132.8, I can definitely check the first goal off the list.  This morning, my weight is back up to 134.4 - not surprised since most of the weight I lost during the cleanse was water weight.  But it's still much better than the 138.8 I weighed at the start of the cleanse.

Here's a surprising benefit - I still haven't had a diet Pepsi.  Pre-cleanse, I craved diet Pepsi.  I could easily drink 2-3 cans each day.  All weekend, I actually preferred to order water.  The diet Pepsi craving is gone.  I'm going to try to keep that trend going.  Another benefit - losing my craving for fast food.  We went to Cane's yesterday after church and I got my usual order - the kid's chicken finger meal.  As I was eating it, I thought, "This is pretty gross."  Pre-cleanse, I would've inhaled those bad boys then picked at Bryn's leftovers.  

Old habits die hard though.  Over the weekend, I could've easily fallen back into a pattern of eating out of boredom.  Several times my mind went to raiding the pantry (for no reason - I wasn't hungry), but I didn't.  I grabbed a glass of water instead.  

I'm thrilled with the results from the cleanse.  Ryan and I are already planning on making juicing a part of our eating habits.  And I think I'll do the Roots Juices 3-day all juice cleanse every 3-4 months.  And I'm for sure doing the juice cleanse before Mrs. Texas this year - it was an awesome way to lose some water weight.

Here is a shot of the Watters gown I wore to an event Saturday night - it fit like a glove.  When I tried it on a week before the event, it was definitely a little snug.

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